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Pillow Foot and Your Cat

I am into month 3 of dealing with Franklin having Plasma Cell Pododermatitis, or pillow foot. A common ailment in all cats of all breeds, in 46 years of having cats, this is the first time I have ever heard of it, let alone experience it.

frank 1
Franklin with his baby socks on to protect his pads. He was not impressed. 

I did not know there was an issue until we got up one morning and there was blood all over his blanket he sleeps in on my bed, as well as the bathroom floor. The large pad on his left front paw got so inflamed that it actually ulcered out, and there was a huge portion of the “meat” now hanging out ☹

He received a steroid shot in November, and just had to return last week for another steroid shot. If it flares up again in the next 6-8 weeks like it did before, he will be put on a liquid antibiotic that he needs daily for 10 weeks.

ben and frank 1
This issue has caused my already tiny Franklin to lose some weight. In his defense, Benjamin is a comfortable weight and has never eaten as much as Franklin does. I took this picture on ear cleaning/nail trimming day, before I did either…..

The trip last week was rather eventful, but I will save that story for another day. I was told this could be a lifelong issue I will be dealing with, so I am being very mindful of his diet, as well as soaking his paws a couple times a week for comfort for him. He gets around good, and his appetite is still good, so I know it could definitely be worse.

Have you had a cat with pillow foot? Did you find a treatment that worked?

A website with great information can be found here: WAG

That One Day; When Franklin Ran Away…

…yes, you read that correctly. Except I don’t know if I would exactly call it “running away”, as much as he saw his opportunity, and went for it.


I cannot even begin to describe the sheer terror I felt when I pulled up in front of my home, and saw the door open a couple of inches. I knew before I got out of my vehicle that this was going to be bad.

Benjamin was sitting on the front step, meowing. I told him to get in the house, and he ran inside and just kept meowing. I ran upstairs, and started pulling blankets off beds, calling Franklin.

I already knew. And I started crying.

My youngest left the front door open when she went to school at 8:30 in the morning. We just got new front doors a month ago. I even went out the door and pulled it shut behind me; only to turn around and see it never shut.


Now; before we defend her…there is a HUGE note on the inside of the door stating, shut the door behind you! make sure it is shut! Lock the door just to be safe! I put this up as soon as I realized the door would not shut on it’s own as we were used to.

She had a house key…and I send her a message every single morning before she leaves for school to lock up, and check the door!


Fast forward…I have 4 people prowling the neighborhood, I blew up Facebook, printed 100 pictures that my 14 year old put our number on the back, went to the Humane Society to file a lost report…

And I cried.

This day was already 58 degrees here in Michigan at 2:30 pm when I knew he got out; and getting colder.

My 11 year old who left the door opened seemed less than concerned, which burned my ass!

I found him; he had been out for about 6 hours. And the culprit said “At least you found him!” with a nervous laugh…

…and I chewed her a new asshole.

Benjamin is content, because his Franklin made it home.