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Franklin Really is a Creeper!




What a Dirty Rat! I mean Cat!

Benny has been in the habit of finding someone else’s blankets to sleep under at night. Then as soon as I get up in the morning, he comes running, meowing non-stop, needing to be petted, fed, and played with.


My cat has turned into a cheating jerk. I was told this morning I have a Honky Tonk cat. Now that made me laugh. It looks like Benjamin has got himself a new nick-name.

Mom Says I Have Monkey-Paws!

Benny's paw, claws retracted!
Benny’s paw, claws retracted!

I don’t know if I should be offended, or flattered.

OK, I have to admit, it is a little strange that a cat has webbed feet, but I really do! It is not so much that all cats paws are like this, and you just see mine really well due to the lack of fur, other cats do not have this webbing.

Time for a trimming Mom!
Time for a trimming Mom!

Pads up Everyone!
Pads up Everyone!

What this webbing does allow for me to do, is knead on Mom’s neck, and actually form a suction so I can leave marks all over her neck. Much like the little kitty-hickeys I give her while she is sleeping (shhh, I don’t think she has figured it out yet!)

It also allows me to carry paw-fulls (I just made a word!) of litter back out of the litter box. A quick shake of each foot gets the litter out from between my pads and on the floor so Mom can sweep it up for me.

A close-up, from http://revealingpaws.com, of a sphinx webbed paw.



Takes a bit to get used to! revealingpaws.com
Takes a bit to get used to!