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How to Spend Your Weekend!

Silly boy!


That One Day; When Franklin Ran Away…

…yes, you read that correctly. Except I don’t know if I would exactly call it “running away”, as much as he saw his opportunity, and went for it.


I cannot even begin to describe the sheer terror I felt when I pulled up in front of my home, and saw the door open a couple of inches. I knew before I got out of my vehicle that this was going to be bad.

Benjamin was sitting on the front step, meowing. I told him to get in the house, and he ran inside and just kept meowing. I ran upstairs, and started pulling blankets off beds, calling Franklin.

I already knew. And I started crying.

My youngest left the front door open when she went to school at 8:30 in the morning. We just got new front doors a month ago. I even went out the door and pulled it shut behind me; only to turn around and see it never shut.


Now; before we defend her…there is a HUGE note on the inside of the door stating, shut the door behind you! make sure it is shut! Lock the door just to be safe! I put this up as soon as I realized the door would not shut on it’s own as we were used to.

She had a house key…and I send her a message every single morning before she leaves for school to lock up, and check the door!


Fast forward…I have 4 people prowling the neighborhood, I blew up Facebook, printed 100 pictures that my 14 year old put our number on the back, went to the Humane Society to file a lost report…

And I cried.

This day was already 58 degrees here in Michigan at 2:30 pm when I knew he got out; and getting colder.

My 11 year old who left the door opened seemed less than concerned, which burned my ass!

I found him; he had been out for about 6 hours. And the culprit said “At least you found him!” with a nervous laugh…

…and I chewed her a new asshole.

Benjamin is content, because his Franklin made it home.



Help Me Name My Kitten!

So I have about a month before my beautiful hairless ginger boy can come home.


I am tossing around a few names, but I guess I should let you know my “maybe-sick” sense of humor…

Below is Bare Bottom Benjamin Blu, better known as Benny. Yes; bare bottom due to the lack of hair.


This little guy is my life, my cannot-sleep-at-night partner, and best confidant.

So, for Mr. Ginger that is coming, I have a couple of ideas…

Rip Van Wrinkles (or wrinkled), and call him Ripper.

I love Sherlock Holmes, so Dr. John Wantsome Fur, and call him Watson.

I also love Harry Potter, but Dobby is not an option. Or any Weasley, unless if you have a good pun for a name!

I am Irish, so anything along that line is welcome.

I am religious, Lutheran, and since Benjamin is a Biblical name, I am certainly looking for something along that line.

Can you name this Nekkid kitty for me?