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Reader of all things I can get my hands on, most of it turns out to be worth the effort. I love books and everything about them, and will read a book in a day (if only my schedule would allow this anymore!) I work entirely to much, and don't relax enough. I am a single parent of girls which takes up 110% of my time, but I make every effort to get some "me" time (meaning, I get to read a chapter without hearing "Mom, she's looking at me again!") I have begun editing and proofreading for writers. I love everything about the English language, as challenging as it is! I am also great at editing for punctuation, point-of-view, themes, exposition, and subplots. Character development is what I love to focus on, as well as what I call the scenery of a story. Can you see in your mind's eye what the author is trying to convey? This is so important to the setting of any book.

If You Are Thinking About a Hairless Sphynx for a Pet…

… mind you, I would not give up my boys for anything. But I had to bathe Franklin today after he had a bath a week ago. 

His ears collected that much wax, and at two years old, he still hasn’t figured out how to NOT poop on his webbed paws and bring it upstairs with a bunch of litter.

His bath was not too traumatic, but I guarantee I am bleeding on my shoulders and back from him trying to not get in the water.

Oh; and I trimmed his nails after this.

You have been warned…