Bio: Reader of all things I can get my hands on, most of it turns out to be worth the effort. I love books and everything about them, and will read a book in a day (if only my schedule would allow this anymore!) I work entirely to much, and don't relax enough. I am a single parent of girls which takes up 110% of my time, but I make every effort to get some "me" time (meaning, I get to read a chapter without hearing "Mom, she's looking at me again!") I have begun editing and proofreading for writers. I love everything about the English language, as challenging as it is! I am also great at editing for punctuation, point-of-view, themes, exposition, and subplots. Character development is what I love to focus on, as well as what I call the scenery of a story. Can you see in your mind's eye what the author is trying to convey? This is so important to the setting of any book.

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