Who Can Beat Up My Cats?

This Girl!

Giant Flemish rabbit, welcome to the family!

3 thoughts on “Who Can Beat Up My Cats?

    1. Thanks! I am really, really starting to hate her as I am the only one caring for her, and it isn’t my rabbit 😳 I have two Hairless Sphynx that are needy enough!

      1. Oh, I remember those days, too! The kids promise, and promise and you really want to believe them but. . .
        Our rabbit kept eating our mouse cord and messing up my computer time! I went to get a new one one time and told the clerk at one of the big box office supply stores that I needed a new mouse because my rabbit ate my old one. With a straight face, that to this day I don’t know if he was serious or kidding, he said, “Ma’am, I think you are in the wrong store, you need a pet shop, Sorry about your mouse!”

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