Mr. Franklin Had a Bath!

He gets better each time; but bathing a cat??? Yeah…

6 thoughts on “Mr. Franklin Had a Bath!

    1. Not true; to an extent…Benjamin feels like suede, or a fuzzy peach…haven’t bathed him in weeks and he’s spotless. Franklin has absolutely no fuzziness, and feels like leather…dirt seems to stick to him more, so he could use a bath at least once a week. He’s also a messy eater and a fool in the litter box so he really can be quite a mess. Lucky for him he is so stinking cute! If you over bathe them, you will give them skin conditions.

      1. I was hoping you’d say this. 🙂

        Some of the stuff I read made me wonder. I was like surely that can’t be true that all of them must be bathed at least once a week! 😮

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