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It Is Bath Day!

Poor Benny thinks if he cleans himself, I will not stick him in the bathtub today…

Silly boy! Bath day and nail trimming!

Benny 8-23-2015 005 Benny 8-23-2015 007 Benny 8-23-2015 008 Benny 8-23-2015 009 Benny 8-23-2015 010

Benny’s First Scan for HCM

As required by my breeder, and because I love my little man so much, I spent 8 hours driving to take Benjamin to get an ultrasound on his heart.

Thank goodness he rides good in a vehicle, and I had to chuckle when a lady with her 2 boys said “Look at that handsome cat!”

Her youngest said…”Mom, they shaved his hair off!”

I brought him over and they all got to pet him, and Benny loved it, of course.

Everything looked good, and I can stop worrying about my favorite man for another year…

Benny HCM Scan