Monthly Archives: January 2015

And The Hair Just Keeps Coming In…

…Mom is getting a little concerned about exactly how much hair I am going to sprout before it gets warm here in Michigan again and it all falls back out.

Benny 1-15-2015 005

The house is warm-warm-warm, I wear sweaters all the time, and sleep under a heated blanket.

Benny 1-15-2015 003


She just better leave it alone, and not try to find a way to get rid of it.

This angle does nothing for my figure :-)
This angle does nothing for my figure 🙂

I actually find it kind of cute and fun, and I think she does too!

Let Me Out Mom! I’m Sorry!

Mom was a little mad at me for taking everything off her bookshelves at 2 am. Apparently she tripped over something and fell in the middle of the night.

Benny and Macro 1-7-2015 012

Why didn’t she turn a light on?

So as she was cleaning her (our) bedroom, and moving everything off the bookshelves, she figured I could stay to watch.

Benny and Macro 1-7-2015 013

Bugger. Now I have to find new things to knock around to keep her up all night!