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It Is Beyond Me How He Is 3 Times as Large as Me, and he Can Scale the Scratching Post Much Better Than Me!


Thanksgiving Dinner without Mom…

…because she went to see my nekkid breeder’s sister, and we cannot stop chasing each other. Ever. And she said she felt really terrible for leaving me, but that no one would have been able to enjoy dinner with two cats running non-stop all over the place. She is making up for it now though; thanks for the whipped cream Mom, even if I can’t have any pumpkin pie.

Panzer Thanksgiving 2014 003

To Christmas Tree, or Not Christmas Tree?

Mom is wondering what she is going to do about putting up the Christmas tree this year. It is bad enough that she could never keep the bottom of the tree decorated for the last 4 years because my fat furry brother would never leave the ornaments on the branches. Now she is positive that I will be climbing up the tree faster than she can get it straight and the lights plugged in.

Yeah, she’s probably right.

Her daughters, however, are not down at all with no Christmas tree going up. So she can either put the tree up, and strap it to a wall so I don’t knock it down, or plan on picking the tree up several times a day. Either way, I will be climbing it.

It is a tree.

I am a cat.

Enough said.

Beyond Beautiful!
Beyond Beautiful!

Well That Was Close…

…thank goodness that Mom was home Saturday morning when I decided to chase a fly up unto the gas stove. On my way up, I managed to use my back paw to turn on the gas burner, while placing my front paw on said burner, scorching the fuzzy hair off my paw 😦 The kitchen stunk for a bit like burned hair, but Mom was just happy I didn’t get severely hurt. Or burn the house down for that matter.

So now she has all the knobs off from the front of the stove until she can go get the little toddler safety locks that are basically impossible to use once you install them.

I wonder what she is going to have to lock up next for our own safety?