Do You Raw Diet, Wet Food, Kibble, Or A Combination?

Mom did a lot of research before she was blessed with my presence 🙂 She wanted to make sure she fed me the best food for me, as well as what she needed in order to keep my skin clean, ears cleaned, and nails trimmed. As awesome as us Sphynx are, we can be a bit of a maintenance issue.

Since my fat furry brother was already home for a couple years before I showed up, Mom started changing his kibble to the kibble my breeder mom was feeding us kittens. This way she would not have to worry about keeping food dishes separated. She gets us Wysong Epigen, a high-protein, grain-free kibble. She also feeds us wet food. Sometimes she will not give us kibble at all, and just feed us canned food, because I hate to admit it, but the kibble absolutely makes the litter box toxic! Hey, at least I’m cute!

She debated about the raw diet, and although she agrees that it is the best option, she was concerned about having to add nutrients to make sure both my fat furry brother and myself had a well-balanced diet. Some people are completely against raw-food diets, and some will only feed raw diets.

There really is no hard and fast data that a raw diet is not healthy and safe for cats. Remember, we are carnivores, and when we are living in the wild, we are eating the organs and drinking the blood of mice, chipmunks, birds, squirrels, etc. We eat the bones as well. This means we have little need for additional water in our diets. When mom has us on a completely wet food diet she never sees us drink our water, even though she gives us fresh cold water twice a day.

Do you feed a raw diet? Strictly kibble? Or wet food? Have you seen any changes in your cat’s behavior and health?

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