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Just Me, Being Awesome…

…Mom forgot to turn the heat on last night. So when she woke up at 1:00 am as usual, I snuck out of the room and went downstairs. Yes, I know when I leave the room, I do not get back in until Mom gets up and opens the door. (I really do not know how she can ignore that meowing, but she does!)

Yep. Me and all my awesome going on!
Yep. Me and all my awesome going on!

So Mom woke back up at 3:45 am so I snuck back in the room. And guess what? Mom flipped because my little (okay BIG) ears were frozen. Like ice cubes I tell ya, and she forgot to turn the heat on.

HELLO, we are in Michigan. Turn the heat on in August, everyone knows that. So Mom felt terrible, and tucked me in next to her with the heated blanket.

Awesomeness, and I will not sneak out again in the middle of the night!

Nekkid Date Night

So, I got to hang out with my sister-from-the-same-breeder again last night. We are both fixed, so don’t go there.

sniffing it out
sniffing it out

I am not really sure who is chasing whom more, but I know I slept good last night, curled up on Mom’s neck, nuzzling. Mom has had the air conditioner running here in Michigan, with the heated blanket on…Awesome!

When she (Panzer) was chasing me and would not stop; not so cool.

MaKala Benny Panzer 10-16-2014 011