Truth Time, and the Rumors about Sphynx

So, Mom has heard, since she began studying the amazing, exotic Sphynx breed of cats, that their temperature runs 4 degrees hotter than other “normal” cats. Hey, I am the normal one!

But really, this is Not True. Sphynx cats have the same body temperature as any other ordinary cat. Yes, I may be awesomeness times 10, but I am nothing more than a cat. I have had my temperature taken numerous times at my veterinarian visits for my snipping (WHAT?), vaccinations, well kitty checks, and when I sprained my leg after Mom had me for 3 weeks (Superman I am not!). I will not give the details on how exactly my temperature is checked, but believe you me, it is not underneath my tongue!

So, this is a rumor about my breed that is not true. Do I get cold, want to be warm, and grow hair if you keep me cold for too long? I will save that for next time!

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