Figure It Out Soon Mom!

I don’t know what the issue seems to be? I am a picky eater. So what, right? I mean, Mom has bought about 5 different brands of cat food now, and although I will eat it for a day or two, it just loses its appeal after that. My big hairy brother and I just haven’t tasted the “right” food yet.

She is bound to find it quickly though, because she is running out of choices!

Benny 7-7-2014 157


1 thought on “Figure It Out Soon Mom!

  1. Oh I know my mum better figure it out soon too, I lose interests in my food too, mum gives me lovely food and I keep turning my nose up….well I have some new food arriving this week and I will think about eating my chicken too, let me know if you find some really yummy food šŸ™‚ Angel Atticus

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