I Think She Is Really Getting Mad Now!

I think Mom is really hoping to get on a 1st shift schedule again, because I can no longer stay quiet, or behave long enough, to allow her to get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. I know she works all night while I am sleeping, but for the past week, this has been my schedule:

7:30am – Mom comes home, meow until she gets my food in my dish.
7:45am – Run around and burn off some of the food I just ate.
8:15am – Get in Mom’s bed and climb under the blankets because I am tired again.
10:00am – Stand on Mom’s chest and meow until she lets me out of our room. Kids are up.
Noon – Eat my lunch.
12:30pm – Meow at Mom’s door until she wakes up and lets me back in. I’m tired again.
2:00pm – Sit on Mom’s head and meow until she lets me out again. Time to play.
3:00pm – Hide for at least an hour until Mom gets filled up on caffeine. I do not think she slept very well again today!

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