Talk About A CAT-astropy! Mom Was Not Happy…

After spending my weekend with 4 girls who had no clue how to nuzzle with me, scratch my ears, and play fetch, I could not resist enjoying some “Mommy-and-Me” time today, even though Mom worked all night and was trying to sleep.

I did find numerous ways to get her attention though. Such as; knocking her clock on the floor (sorry it doesn’t work any more Mom!), picking up her glasses in my monkey-paws and tossing them under the bed, kicking litter out of the box and all over the floor (you clean the litter box, I consider it a sandbox until 1st use), sitting on her chest and biting her neck, biting her toes every time she dared to move her foot while it was under the blankets, and pulling her eye mask off her face to peek and see if she was up yet.

Either way, it got Mom up early and I got some quality time.


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