Monthly Archives: July 2014

I Think She Is Really Getting Mad Now!

I think Mom is really hoping to get on a 1st shift schedule again, because I can no longer stay quiet, or behave long enough, to allow her to get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. I know she works all night while I am sleeping, but for the past week, this has been my schedule:

7:30am – Mom comes home, meow until she gets my food in my dish.
7:45am – Run around and burn off some of the food I just ate.
8:15am – Get in Mom’s bed and climb under the blankets because I am tired again.
10:00am – Stand on Mom’s chest and meow until she lets me out of our room. Kids are up.
Noon – Eat my lunch.
12:30pm – Meow at Mom’s door until she wakes up and lets me back in. I’m tired again.
2:00pm – Sit on Mom’s head and meow until she lets me out again. Time to play.
3:00pm – Hide for at least an hour until Mom gets filled up on caffeine. I do not think she slept very well again today!

Bath Time :-)

Yep, every one to two weeks, this is what I go through…Mom wanting me to have fun in the bathtub.
She better find better toys!

Okay Mom!

Mom is wondering why she ever said she wanted a green-eyed cat over a blue-eyed cat, if one was available.

I know she totally loves my eyes; she must, since she takes so many pictures of me. On a side note, she very rarely gets one with my eyes open.

I do have to let her win once in awhile, after all, she is the one who feeds and bathes me, feeds me awesome treats like cheese and sardines, and knows just where I like to be scratched under my chin. She also figured out that when my pupils are this big, I am about to do my running-around-like-a-nut-job act.

So Here’s looking at you, Mom!

Talk About A CAT-astropy! Mom Was Not Happy…

After spending my weekend with 4 girls who had no clue how to nuzzle with me, scratch my ears, and play fetch, I could not resist enjoying some “Mommy-and-Me” time today, even though Mom worked all night and was trying to sleep.

I did find numerous ways to get her attention though. Such as; knocking her clock on the floor (sorry it doesn’t work any more Mom!), picking up her glasses in my monkey-paws and tossing them under the bed, kicking litter out of the box and all over the floor (you clean the litter box, I consider it a sandbox until 1st use), sitting on her chest and biting her neck, biting her toes every time she dared to move her foot while it was under the blankets, and pulling her eye mask off her face to peek and see if she was up yet.

Either way, it got Mom up early and I got some quality time.

Mom Promised, No More Hotel Visits Unless They Are Pet-Friendly!

I had a long two nights without Mom this weekend! Her 4 daughters may have been left in charge of me, but they really do not know how to scratch my ears and rub my tummy like Mom does. So Mom promised no more over-nights, anywhere, unless if I get to come as well.

I have been stuck to her like glue since she got home, catching up on lost belly rubs!

I am also looking forward to future hotel stays 🙂