Oh For Goodness Sake!

I am a cat. Okay. An awesomely amazing handsome cat, but a cat none-the-less. Just pick me up!

So with all the girls Mom has hanging around my house, there was still one I needed to meet. Girl #1 had left for a 6 week mission trip to South Africa two days before Mom brought me home. So she was super excited to meet me yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to  get my claws in her either meet her either.

And then she said I was “freaky” looking. Um, what?

Jess meeting Benjamin 

She asks Mom “Can I touch him? How do I hold him? I don’t know what to do with him.”

Yes, I rolled my eyes, just like Mom did. Mom responded “Good gracious he is a cat, just pick him up!” And of course, once she did, she wouldn’t put me down 🙂 So yes, I have earned total dominion over the women of this house!

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