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Keeping Warm…Sitting on the Cable Box!

Mom’s laptop is in the shop. She is a bit frustrated but the way I see it, she will stop chasing me around with the camera for a couple days!

Sleep-Over Time!

Mom got me all packed up and at the BF’s for the night 🙂 Mom likes working weekends so she can stay on her sleep schedule, and I love my sleep-overs! In a few weeks, there will be an awesome girl sphynx at my sleep-overs, and I cannot wait!

Someone was bound to get her, secretly I am glad Mom didn’t though (I really don’t want to share her). I do not think there is room in the bed for me, Mom, and another cat 🙂

I know you’ve seen her before, but Mom really loves looking at this little girl (and No, I am not jealous, yet!)

Image They don’t get much sweeter than this!

Oh For Goodness Sake!

I am a cat. Okay. An awesomely amazing handsome cat, but a cat none-the-less. Just pick me up!

So with all the girls Mom has hanging around my house, there was still one I needed to meet. Girl #1 had left for a 6 week mission trip to South Africa two days before Mom brought me home. So she was super excited to meet me yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to  get my claws in her either meet her either.

And then she said I was “freaky” looking. Um, what?

Jess meeting Benjamin 

She asks Mom “Can I touch him? How do I hold him? I don’t know what to do with him.”

Yes, I rolled my eyes, just like Mom did. Mom responded “Good gracious he is a cat, just pick him up!” And of course, once she did, she wouldn’t put me down 🙂 So yes, I have earned total dominion over the women of this house!

Mom Says I Have Monkey-Paws!

Benny's paw, claws retracted!
Benny’s paw, claws retracted!

I don’t know if I should be offended, or flattered.

OK, I have to admit, it is a little strange that a cat has webbed feet, but I really do! It is not so much that all cats paws are like this, and you just see mine really well due to the lack of fur, other cats do not have this webbing.

Time for a trimming Mom!
Time for a trimming Mom!

Pads up Everyone!
Pads up Everyone!

What this webbing does allow for me to do, is knead on Mom’s neck, and actually form a suction so I can leave marks all over her neck. Much like the little kitty-hickeys I give her while she is sleeping (shhh, I don’t think she has figured it out yet!)

It also allows me to carry paw-fulls (I just made a word!) of litter back out of the litter box. A quick shake of each foot gets the litter out from between my pads and on the floor so Mom can sweep it up for me.

A close-up, from, of a sphinx webbed paw.



Takes a bit to get used to!
Takes a bit to get used to!

Do Not Even Think About It!

Do Not Even Think About It!

Mom got a picture of this sweet little girl today, and she better not get any crazy ideas in her head.

Mom is pretty sure her BF is going to get this little girl, which in my personal opinion, is close enough.

She can visit when she wants (me too!) and I will not have to share Mom with another naked kitty. I cannot blame her though for thinking it, just look at that face!