What Do You Mean You Aren’t A Climbing Post?

I really think Mom just needs to get used to the fact that if she is vertical, I am climbing up. She was really, really surprised when she had her back to me and I figured the quickest way to her shoulder was to jump from my (ok, her) bed, onto her back and climb up. And boy am I glad I did because when I perched on her shoulder, what do I see in front of us but a wide open make-up holder that is just my size! So in I went!

ImageI’m Climbing Up Mom!

It is really fun here, and everyone just adores me, of course. I even behaved for my first bath today, and I feel and look awesome! She still needs to clean my ears, which she has been doing every day, and it gets easier (for her) each time.

Mom thinks she is going to break me from giving her kitty-kisses on her neck, which have in turn given her kitty-marks on her neck. Hmm, we will see about that!


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