Sharing for the Safety of your Cat! From my Mom!

Benjamin’s Mom: I cannot believe what my breeder just went through, and this is not the first time I have heard about a cat suffocating due to a bed or litter box overturning on them. She, and many others, use what is a “Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box”. Her 8 month old baby had one, without the lid on it, tip over on her, she became trapped, and suffocated. I am absolutely heartbroken for what she is going through right now; there are no words.

Image Goodbye Sweet Baby Girl! Enjoy Rainbow Bridge!

She has contacted the company, asking them for a design change for the safety and well being of all users of this litter box system.

I have been baby-proofing my house for weeks in anticipation of Benjamin’s homecoming Saturday, and all the things I see that he can get into.

If you have one of these, Please drill holes in it, or throw it out! PLEASE!Image


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