Some Cat People Really Are Crazy!

And I do not mean me. (YET). I cannot believe I lowered myself to actually reply to a post after I watched a woman get bullied online, by a bunch of nut-case adults who own Sphynx cats. Angry does not even begin to describe my feelings about this. Now, I did keep it together and be as polite as possible, but am disgusted by this bashing I have been seeing.

About a week ago, I connected with a Facebook group about Sphynx cats. Any time in the past week someone asked something, these nut-jobs bashed them. For example, one poor soul asked “Have you had your cat declawed?” Keep in mind, she was NOT declawing her cat, she was just asking. Over 100 replies, and about 95 of those told her she was horrible, evil, should give her cats away, should never get another cat, etc…


So, what pushed it over the top for me? Some poor soul posted a pic of her Sphynx lady, due to have kittens today. Immediately, it was “Did you scan your cat, did you scan the parents, you should not have bred with a Peterbald cat they have their own genetic issues, I hope you fix this cat and all of the kittens, stop your backyard breeding”, and the list goes on and on.

I had to stick up for her, and told everyone else to quit being a bully. Some complete stranger actually had the nerve to tag me in her reply by calling me out by name…..Really? I think she did not like my reply, because she had nothing to say after I called her out for being a bully.

So, after only being part of this group for a week, I am likely going to have to leave it.

Take the plank out of your own eye before you look at the sliver in someone else’s.

OK, now I feel better.


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