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This Had Better Not Happen!

This Had Better Not Happen!

I am dealing with the shirts, but the claws will come out if Mom starts putting hats on my head! These ears are meant to be seen ๐Ÿ™‚

Sleep It Off!

Sleep It Off!

I have decided that when no one else is sleeping in the house, or at least sitting still long enough that I can curl up on them, that I like the enclosure of my scratching post. Mom only lets me sleep in bed with her for a couple hours in the morning before she makes me leave the room. I either wake her up playing, or nuzzling her neck. Which, by the way, is leaving marks all over her neck that look very much like hickies!

Sorry Mom! You Knew This Was Gonna Happen!

Whoa Boy! Mom had been reading some horror stories about runny poo, cats tracking in it, etc. etc. Yep, I did it. Mom knew before I even hopped out of the litter box (yes, she could hear me in my covered litter box) so she was ready to grab me as soon as I got out, and basically attacked my back paws with the baby wipes!

Something didn’t agree with my belly, so she is trying to figure that out. She is also really, REALLY happy that she does not have carpeted floors ๐Ÿ™‚ And so am I.

Life with a sphynx, she is catching on, slowly but surely. Now it’s back to my 4th nap for the day, playing really wears me out! I know she cannot wait to see what I do tomorrow!

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

What Do You Mean You Aren’t A Climbing Post?

I really think Mom just needs to get used to the fact that if she is vertical, I am climbing up. She was really, really surprised when she had her back to me and I figured the quickest way to her shoulder was to jump from my (ok, her) bed, onto herย back and climb up. And boy am I glad I did because when I perched on her shoulder, what do I see in front of us butย a wide open make-up holder that is just my size! So in I went!

ImageI’m Climbing Up Mom!

It is really fun here, and everyone just adores me, of course. I even behaved for my first bath today, and I feel and look awesome! She still needs to clean my ears, which she has been doing every day, and it gets easier (for her) each time.

Mom thinks she is going to break me from giving her kitty-kisses on her neck, which have in turn given her kitty-marks on her neck. Hmm, we will see about that!