I Think I Gotta Change My Name!

So, Mom had me named before she ever saw me, and now that she has seen me, she knows she picked the perfect name. The problem? There is a breeder who uses the name “barebottom”. When a breeder sells their kittens, this name is always attached (on pedigrees, and for cat shows) to the front of their name. Such as, my name is/was Beeblebrox Bare Bottom Benjamin. Beeblebrox is my “official” name; this is my temporary Mommy’s name that is used for all of her kittens. And I would be called Benjamin, or Benny.

Ugghhh. Mom doesn’t think she should use a name that could be confused with another breeder.

So, does anyone have any brilliant ideas for a cat’s surname that would fit between Beeblebrox and Benjamin?

Mom is not a happy camper right now 😦

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