Do You Have A Sphynx In Your Life?

Mom is expecting to see her first pictures of me in the first week of April. That’s funny, she named me already, and has no idea what I look like 🙂 Human pets are hilarious.

Mom is new to the world of Sphynx, so she has been doing a lot of reading up on how we are different from other house cats. Like our normal body temperature is 4 degrees higher than other cats. (I know she is still going to put some darn sweaters on me!)

We need baths, possibly once a week. Our skin is no different than any other cat, you can just see it, and the oil that absorbs into a cats fur has nowhere to go on a sphynx.

What A Beauty!
What A Beauty!

You gotta clean our ears too! And boy do we have large ears 🙂 And generally no whiskers. Nope, we don’t have those either. There may be stubs, but no full length whiskers.

There may be a fine coat of hair on our skin, which many say feels like suede. We are also super smart, love attention, and are great climbers (get those curtains down Mom, or I will do it for you!). We are also not hypo-allergenic. People think this because of the lack of hair, but humans are not allergic to cat hair. They are allergic to the dander on the skin, which a sphynx has no hair to absorb this. Some people allergic to cats do good with us; for others we might as well have a full body of hair.

We can also get sunburned, so even if we are an indoor cat, soaking up the sun in the middle of the living room floor can be an issue. A little bit of sun will intensify our colors, but too much will give us a sunburn.

We are very strong, and have a voracious appetite. We love to eat, and treats are an easy way to teach us to do tricks. Only if we feel up to entertaining our human pets, of course.

So there’s a bit about my breed. Have you had the great pleasure of meeting a sphynx before?



1 thought on “Do You Have A Sphynx In Your Life?

  1. Sounds like your mum is in for a pretty amazing adventure! And as for being a good climber – uh oh! 😉

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