Do You Raw Diet ?

Mom has been trying to get as much information about this whole raw diet thing as she can, but is finding it a bit overwhelming. (I hope to goodness she doesn’t just through a raw chicken drumstick in a bowl for me and leave me to figure out what to heck to do with it!)

My current Mom feeds all her babies raw diets, and it really is better. Kibble is for a snack, but it is raw food and canned moist food for our meals.

Why is it that our human pets just don’t get that cats are born meat eaters? Ferel cats you see in your neighborhood? They certainly aren’t eating Meow Mix. But they are keeping the mouse and chipmunk population down.

So have you tried the raw diet for your pets? Did you find it easy, hard, more convenient?

My big brother Spice is liking the Wysong Epigen. He is eating the chicken kind right now, and I think Mom may start seeing how he does with some small raw meat items. I’m glad he is adjusting so well, because he has no idea what he is in for once I show up 🙂

Mom is really liking all the benefits she is hearing about it, but she better get a lot more information before she gets a hold of me!


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