Raising a cat with no eyes

A beautiful cat and his Mommy! This makes me so happy 🙂

Short & Sharp

My cat, Blinkin, was born with no eyes. He was born of a barn cat and taken in my me when I found him separated from his mom and siblings, across the road, soaking wet and muddy… he had gotten lost. He was only about five weeks old at the time and should have stayed with his mother but I couldn’t risk him getting hit or eaten or just lost outside. He’s six months old now and he is… majestic.


He’s going to lay on your face.

I’m not sure why Blinkin does this, but every day he makes sure to get as close to my face as he possibly can. Maybe he just feels safer when he is in someone’s arms, but most of the time he likes to be touching me somewhere — laying in my lap, around my head, over my neck, or on my shoulder —…

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