Monthly Archives: February 2014

My Big Brother Spice


He seems awfully hairy, and looks a bit grouchy to boot.

I guess I won’t complain about him hanging out on my scratching post, since he is on a lower perch and by the looks of him, he won’t be climbing any higher 😀

I hope he doesn’t look so ornery when we finally meet in person, I would hate for my Mom to have to punish him right from the get-go!


Anxiously Awaiting My Arrival!

While my soon-to-be forever Mommy is awaiting my arrival, heck, she hasn’t even seen a picture of me yet, I thought I’d let you know what you can expect from this blog. Likely you are going to start seeing her putting up posts of the things she is getting to prepare for my homecoming (I hope she spoils me!) as well as my baby pictures while she waits.

Once I arrive, I will have control of this blog (and her and everyone else in my new home, more than likely). Me being naughty? Very likely! Me being sweet? Of course! Me growing up? Definitely!

So that is me, in a pinch. I hope you have as much fun following me as my new family is going to have getting to know and love me, and conform to my every whim and wish! I can’t wait to meet you all!